Escape Pod

by Tesla Cøils

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The tale of the Cosmonaut and his happening upon Planet Tyrannus and the subsequent birth of the second Tyrannian civilization is that of legend on our home planet. We made this piece for you in ode to this centuries-old tale.


released December 23, 2016

Live at Core Studios
Filmed by Jay Jermyn
Engineered by Nik Carpenter
Edited and mixed by Jed A. Wølters



all rights reserved


Tesla Cøils Brisbane, Australia


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Track Name: Escape Pod
Falling from the edge of the sun

I crashed landed my escape pod on Tyrannus
A planet I had only heard tell of in old poems
I dragged myself from the wreckage
And set out along the undergrowth
On my Cosmonaut electric bike
It ran on Tesla technology
We had run out of fossil fuels hundreds of years ago
And as I sped past unwelcoming eyes from the thicket
I realized how humid this planet's atmosphere was

Falling from the edge of the sun

I must have dozed off because my wheel collided with a stray branch
And I went flying into the shrubs
My arm had burst open, blood was flowing and bone was showing
So I pleasured myself at the sight of the blood
When I was finished I fashioned myself a makeshift splint
Out of vegetation and things I found on the forest floor
My bike had fallen to pieces at the foot of a great stone monolith
Which was carved in runes I just couldn't understand

Falling from the edge of the sun

So I followed the woodland for three days on end,
And it got thicker and denser
On the third day I reached a shack surrounded by a steamy bog
A swamp-hooker named Agatha lived there
And for four power-cells I spent the night with her
When I awoke she had been pinned to the wall by a foamy binding residue
And the whole shack was surrounded by bounty hunters weilding pulse rifles,
And the leader struck me in the neck with a toxic dart

Falling from the edge of the sun

Just gotta get back to the Escape Pod